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Obedience Training

     Our first command training dog obedience training system is set up to prepare you and your dog for real life situations. Our 10 week novice obedience program is a basic program to start you and your dog on the right foot/paw. Our 10 week novice program can and will help you with behavior problems like jumping up on you and/or other people, lunging at other people and/or dogs, bolting out the door soon as it opens, pulling you down the road on walks and so on.  You will form a tighter bond with your dog and your dog will end up being more fun to take out in public instead being left home alone because of the way he or she acts. The 10 week novice program is once a week for 10 weeks. 

     Please visit our services page to see what this program includes.

     Our Intermediate/Advance Lifetime (of the dog) Membership is 2 times a week, once indoors on Thursday nights at 8pm and once outdoors on any given day/night.  In this program we add lots of distractions like skate boards, bikes, toys, all kinds of different noises while the dogs are doing obedience drills so we are teaching the dogs no matter what is going on around them that they still need to listen to you.  By doing this your dog will get use to anything that life can through at him/her. We also increase distance by using a 30 foot long line, working your way up to off leash and putting you and your dogs in real life situations.

     Obedience training needs to be fun for you and your dog. Our goal is for you to have a happy and obedient dog that will listen to you when you tell him or her to do something and a dog that you and your family can enjoy and have fun with.  A disobedient dog is a liability an obedient dog is an asset. Now lets go have some fun!

Dauphinee's K-Nine Services.

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