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    We are Cory and Amanda Dauphinee, Professional Dog Trainers and Owners of Dauphinee's K-Nine Services. We live and work in the Tantallon area, and current pets include four dogs, Bijou, Monti, Rellik, Nika and our cat, Deja.

     We have owned and loved dogs for many years and especially love working with rescued dogs. We love to see the smile on people's faces when they walk away with a happy, trained dog!

     Our training has included many different breeds, sizes and behaviour of dogs. We teach Humane, Effective and Logical Dog Training Techniques. We also use lots of Positive Reinforcement (5% treats and 95% verbal/physical Praise) to motivate your dog and to ensure that your dog will listen to your command the first time. Since we only use 5% treats your dog will not expect a treat every time you give a command. You want them to listen to you even when you don't have a treat.

     We are Dog Trainers. We are Teachers. We are flexible. We are willing to adjust our training plan for each dog. We find it insulting to be defined by the tools we do or do not use.

     Helping each client with their dog is what it is all about (and the dog kisses)! Please don't live with dangerous or unwanted behaviours! We can help!

     Come and train with us and let the results speak for them selves and form a tighter bond with your dog.

Cory Dauphinee's Dog Trainer Diploma.
Amanda Dauphinee's Dog Trainer Diploma.

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